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The leading provider of water flow control solutions, helping protect and provide water around the world



We will reach this objective through the systematic internationalisation of our business. Based on our strong market position in Europe and the extensive international experience of brands such as ERHARD, BELGICAST and BAYARD we have started to establish additional sales offices and service centers in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Our customers benefit from a higher quality of service due to shorter response times and a better understanding of local needs. Global sourcing and procurement helps us to increase the competitiveness of the TALIS group as a whole, especially in European markets.

The extensive know-how of our nine brands continues to be the basis of our future success. Each single brand has a long history and holds a leading position in their respective domestic market. With an accelerated research and development process, this combined expertise helps us to fully leverage our full innovation potential. Smart technology solutions such as hydraulic control valves reduce the total costs of ownership for our customers during the whole product lifecycle. TALIS has already created a corporate structure that ensures the effective realisation of our strategy.

Whilst the individual brands focus on products, services and sales, TALIS Beteiligungs GmbH generates group wide synergies and provides global functions for the local brands. The result is a structure that leverages the individual strengths of each brand for the whole group and enables them to operate globally. TALIS has already created a corporate structure that ensures the effective realisation of our strategy.


Our Owner

Triton, a European investment firm, invests capital where it sees an opportunity to create long-term value. This collaboration is based on responsibly building better businesses.

Executive Committee 

The Executive Committee directs the daily operation and manages the TALIS Group. 


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We offer the largest portfolio of valves, fittings and accessories for water network.

Our products currently equip millions of kilometers of pipelines across the world in order to ensure availability of the highest quality drinking water at all times and for millions of households and companies in large cities and rural areas.

By the choice of materials, respect for design standards and the quality of our manufacturing processes, we offer products that will meet your life-time requirements.


At TALIS we strive to develop highly reliable solutions incorporating the smartest technologies available to improve network performance and save water resources. Beyond this commitment to the excellence of our products, we are also responsible for upholding the highest standards with regard to safety and respect for people and the environment. 

In all its activities, TALIS is committed to being a good employer, neighbour and a fair business partner:

  • ISO 14001 certified (environmental management)
    • DIN ISO 50001 certified (the company’s energy
  • Active participation in water focused NGO



Our valve solutions facilitate highest customer benefit whilst being uncompromising in terms of product safety and sustainability.

  • High efficiency products with lower pressure drop limiting
         energy needs
  • Addressing the global issue of water shortage with
         products reducing water leakage
  • Keeping water clean by safe coatings




Health and safety of our employees and stakeholders is high priority at TALIS.

  • Group wide health and safety policy deployed globally
  • Proactive detection and elimination of potential risks
  • 0 % accident policy
  • Continuous improvement of working conditions at all of our




To help giving people access to potable water, TALIS supports the international water charity “Just a drop” for a project in Kenya. The mission of Just a drop is to provide clean water, sanitation as well as hygiene education to communities in need by practical, sustainable water solutions. The organization has already completed 179 projects globally and is reaching approx. 1.3 million people in 31 countries.

 Our project in Kenya: Makueni County

  • Provide clean water to 3.650 people
  • Help to develop a sustainable agriculture
  • Construct 2 sand dams
  • Install 2 shallow wells
  • Produce 2 tree nurseries, with 3000 trees
    • Train 203 farmers in how best to use their new water
           supply, for food production and food security
  • Provide training and education on hygiene and sanitation




To reduce Non-Revenue Water (NRW) and propose a 100% web based professional Asset Management System: www.smart-inside.com

Given that our precious water resource is under increasing pressure due to population rises and the impact of climate change, it is time for the water sector to start investing in the future of the entire network to provide a sustainable service. The growing need to become more efficient and optimize the existing water network means there is now an increasing demand for new solutions – SMART solutions. 

Sharing ideas allows us, in TALIS, to be more creative and innovative to meet the requirements of customers and anticipate theirs needs.

World environmental growing consciousness, specifically for water resource preservation, and technology evolution, has led to improve our offer in order to propose SMART SOLUTIONS for Non-Revenue Water (NRW) control and Asset Management.

Today, TALIS Group is proud to give to his customers the opportunity to follow in real time the use of fire hydrants thanks to their adaptation to IoT (Internet of Objects) wireless communication technology with its COPERNIC Sigfox® enabled module.

In the same spirit, most of BAYARD washing valves can today be equipped with TEMPO radio communicating module to evaluate the NRW drawn. Fixed network and walk-by versions are available and register continuously the use of washing valves. 

Controlling NRW also points out the need to give an alternative to professionals who require huge amount of water for their own business, that’s why we have created MONECA, a unique standalone hydrant specifically dedicated to their need.

MONECA prevents professionals to connect to fire hydrant which guarantees their full availability and assure total security of the water network thanks to its numerous functionalities like back flow preventer, smooth operation to avoid water hammer and full communication options for day to day survey, remote billing of real volume of waters withdrawn.

In parallel to these wireless communicating SMART SOLUTIONS, we now propose an Asset Management System 100% web based: TAGUA, an unfalsifiable electronic NFC marking, associated with www.smart-inside.com professional web solution.

From anywhere all over the world, a single Internet access allows our customers as well as related authorities to access their asset life cycle data on our secured cloud.

Every valuable equipment of the network can be identified, marked with TAGUA stuck on it, and followed during all its life cycle with fully dedicated tools for water sector.

TAGUA proposed to the market allowing automated reports, real-time update of data thank to a single smartphone with our Android application, alerts generation and transmission. 

Welcome to a SMARTER WORLD with TALIS!